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Dodwell Keyt - Artist




Dodwell Keyt was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and emigrated to Australia when he was 13 years old; his parents left their country of birth to seek better opportunities for their children.

He takes great delight in creating images on a blank canvas using a brush and oil paint; images that evolve and take form in his mind. His main technique of creativity is painting on canvas using oil paints, but indulges in other forms of media including digital art on a computer screen.

Dodwell says, “Digital art has its place in the creative arts. Although creating works of art on the computer screen lacks the tactile feel of a canvas medium, it still creates art on a blank media. Access to a wider range of brushes and brush strokes makes the creative process even more exciting.”

Dodwell has been painting for as long as he can remember, experimenting with different media and styles from abstract to realism and many techniques between. He has adapted techniques from the great works of Gaughan and Van Gogh in  his works.

His first exhibition at the Perth Street Gallery in November 1987 launched his book ‘Reflections’ and sold many of his paintings.

“I paint for pleasure and enjoyment; if someone appreciates my paintings or works of art, I am overjoyed.” Dodwell said. “I do not aspire for fame; I am driven by a passion to express my thoughts and concepts as images on a canvas.

He has experimented with several media and styles. He uses oils in most of his paintings, but has used media such as watercolours, pen and ink, pastels and pencils. Today, he produces modern artwork by integrating his artistic skills with the computer. The rapid advancement of technology has opened creative avenues for him that was not possible a few years ago.

Woman washing clothes by Dodwell Keyt created on the computer screen.

One of the many paintings depicted in the book 'Island Resplendent'; a publication to raise funds to help the orphaned kids in Sri Lanka

In his book, ‘Reflections’, he collaborates with a friend, Natalie Russell, to bring to life her thoughts and reflections in a minimalistic style of drawings. By combining his talents in art and the written words of his friend, Dodwell display works that provoke a response to a philosophy of life.

The underlying theme in all his works presents the human form, stripped bare to reveal its supple curves and glorious shapes. Today, he creates a harmony of the human body with the beauty and brilliant colours of nature.