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Island Sri Lanka

‘Island Sri Lanka’ is a book filled with my my canvas and digital art paintings that reflection the people of Sri Lanka. I have chosen topics that typically represent people I have encountered during my travels through the country. I was born in Pepiliyana, a little known suburb of Colombo, and grew up in Bambalapitiya, Mt Lavinia and our estates in Mawanella. Proceeds from the book will go to help the orphaned kids of Sri Lanka.
The children of Sri Lanka need your help; these kids have been orphaned because of the turmoil that rampaged the country leaving many orphaned children to fend for themselves. They do not have the luxury of a social welfare system that many of us enjoy in Australia and other affluent societies.
The book will contain short stories or poems reflecting the theme of each painting. I am currently madly creating paintings and envisage the book will be ready soon. For more information, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
From my book ‘My Island Paradise’.
‘My island paradise resembles a teardrop falling from the regal face of the sub-continent of India. It is an island resplendent with its unique culture of music, dance, language and traditions. Lush green hills cover much of the country as cascading waterfalls of boisterous white spray spill over the side of a mountaintop to splash into pools of crystal-clear water. Pristine blue seas surround the island sparkling with a radiance in the tropical sunlight on the Indian Ocean.
Magnificent blooms of vibrant flowers and orchids flourish on my enchanted tropical island; an intangible essence of beauty provokes a recollection of Xanadu. The blossoms of the Frangipani with its white and gold petals grow in profusion to spread a mist of fragrant perfume over the island. A cool breeze on a balmy evening entwines with the leaves of the coconut tree as they sway to an eternal rhythm.’