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Dodwell Keyt & Natalie Russell

'Reflections' is a collection of drawings and verses created by Dodwell Keyt and Natalie Russell. Dodwell Keyt is the illustrator of the book and Natalie Russell wrote the verses. This collection of drawings & verses has evolved from a mutual appreciation of seemingly different forms of expression - & indeed two distinct sorts of people.

Dodwell Keyt & Natalie Russell make the point that human emotion can be expressed in any number of art forms, & when brought together complement & enhance one another. In this instance from out of a few written words came these pictures & from these pictres came the verse. Both evoke individual responses even though they are dependent on each other in a tenuous way, jointly and severally they make their statements with grace and candour.

Only 50 copies of the book were published and were available at the launch in 1991.

Price: AUD$99.00

Reflections | 99 AUD